Artificial Cervical Disc

The artificial cervical disc NEO-phytos is an attractive alternative to arthrodesis for the management of disc degeneration and herniation in the cervical spine for single and multiple levels assuring faster return to normal activity.

NEO-phytos is designed for the treatment of symptomatic cervical disc which may be causing arm pain, arm weakness or numbness with some degree of neck pain. These symptoms may occur due to a herniated disc and/or osteophytes compressing adjacent nerves or the spinal cord.

NEO-phytos is composed of a silicone center with titanium endplates.

It is designed as a one piece two – materials device that allows unconstrained motion.

The endplates are coated with Hydroxyapatite that allows bone in-growth, they also have three spikes for fixation and securely placement.

NEO-phytos is designed to match the natural contour of the uncovertebral joint allowing a normal range of motion (flexion, extension, side bending and rotation) and alignment (height and curvature).

NEO-phytos allows for a press-fit implantation and has the ability to absorb a large compressive load while still providing adequate motion between two adjacent bony vertebrae.

NEO-phytos comes in two sizes small and medium and three dimensions of 5, 6 and 7mm.

A friendly and easy to use and place implant that comes in a holder in sterilized package.

Advantages of NEO-phytos

  • One piece device
  • Allows unconstrained motion
  • Easy to use and place implant
  • User friendly instrumentation