Expandable Lumbar Stand Alone Cage

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Expandable Lumbar Stand Alone Cage

Expandable Lumbar Stand-Alone Cage NEO-desmos is designed for posterior implantation in spinal fusion surgery as a common treatment for degenerative or pathologic disc diseases, spine ligament instability, foramen stenosis by reduction of intervertebral spaces, recurrent prolapse, lumbar pseudarthrosis, grade 1 and 2 degenerative or isthmic spondylolisthesis (with or without reduction).

NEO-desmos provides a new technique that allows the spine to be fused with less morbidity.

NEO-desmos Stand-Alone PLIF cage is made of Black Titanium and coated with Hydroxyapatite offering excellent biocompatibility. It is CT-and MRI compatible and sterilized.

NEO-desmos expands from 1 to 3,5 heights by a tightening cylinder roller mechanism with stop between the upper and lower plate. Each height corresponds to 4 degrees augmentation of the plates’ cornering and the total expandability of 15 degrees assures the restoration of the natural spine lordosis.

There is a locking system that prevents any rotation in the intervertebral space.

NEO-desmos has jagged surfaces and anchoring pins at the end of each plate for perfect fixation but rounded angles for smooth placing without harming the nerves.

NEO-desmos is available in two types with or without special canal for bone graft input. It comes in 4 height dimensions of 7, 9, 11 and 13 mm x 24mm x 10mm.

Two NEO-desmos are implanted in each level offering excellent fixation without need of additional instrumentation or post-operative back braces for support.

Available sterile/ non-sterile

Advantages of NEO-desmos

  • Controlled and changeable cage’s spread and distraction during the operation
  • Lower risk of sliding and shifting
  • Considerable reduction in surgery and patient recovery time
  • User friendly instrumentation
 Product Name NEOdesmos Peek Plif
 Color White
 Usage Disc Degeneration and Herniation
 Material Titanium
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